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    Legal Aid has undergone a massive change and as such many people are now not entitled to Legal Aid.

    Legal Aid has not gone, as may be the misconception, it is simply harder to obtain.  The availability of Legal Aid has been restricted in that it is now available to support victims of domestic violence and in relation to cases concerning child Abduction.  In addition to this a person must also confirm that they are financially eligible for Legal Aid.

    Legal Aid in relation to cases involving children services is still available.

    In order to make an application for Legal Aid a person must be able to prove that they are a victim of Domestic Violence, this violence does not have to be physical, it can be psychological, sexual or emotional.  The evidence in relation to domestic violence is a changing area and therefore if you believe that you should be entitled to Legal Aid then we will be able to help and guide you through the application process to see whether you are.

    Current guidelines state that any of the following documents are sufficient as evidence of domestic violence:

    If you feel that you are able to provide evidence of any of the above or evidence could be obtained on your behalf and you are in receipt of benefits or a low income, contact us now to see whether you are entitled to Legal Aid.

    If you wish to check whether you are eligible for Legal Aid please click here.