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    Like married couples, when a Civil Partnership ends the Court can make orders similar to those which can be made in divorce such as regulating the ownership of property, making orders that one party should pay a lump sum to the other, that pensions should be shared fairly and that both parties needs for maintenance will be met.

    Civil Partners have rights under the Inheritance Act just like married couples.  This is a huge improvement because before the Civil Partnership Act was passed, same sex couples may have lived together for as long as 20 years but if one died, then the other had no rights at all over property owned by their partner and were often forced to move out of a house that they had lived in for most of their lives.

    The Law in relation to Civil Partnerships has recently changed and same sex couples have now been able to marry since the 29 March 2014. As this is a new area of law there are going to be various changes in the future.